Ford EcoSport stuck in slush shows why soft roaders should NOT go off the road!

The term Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV has been misused a lot in the Indian market. While in a real sense, an SUV is defined as a high-raised vehicle that can do mild to hardcore off-roading and comes with AWD with a low-range transfer case. However, due to the low demand for such vehicles in […]

2020 Skoda Octavia teased ahead of Nov 11 debut in Prague – preliminary details of fourth-gen revealed

Skoda has announced that it will unveil the fourth-generation Octavia in Prague on November 11, which will replace the third-generation model that has been around since 2012. To go along with the announcement, the Czech carmaker also dropped two teaser photos as well as preliminary details of the new model. As before, the new Octavia […]

Fueling Your Drive: What Do Car Owners Think About Self-Driving Cars?

The self-driving car market has experienced many recent improvements, including the addition of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The industry also plans to roll out completely autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the near future. As automakers continue to invest in AVs, car buyers are warming up to the idea of these vehicles in the marketplace. Earlier this […]

AD: Hyundai Year End Bonanza is back – buy new car, enjoy cash rebates & accessories worth up to RM12k!

The Hyundai Year End Bonanza is back for 2019 with unbeatable deals for those who are aspiring to buy themselves a brand new car. That’s right! If you’ve been keeping a close eye on your favourite Hyundai models, there really is no better time than now. Fancy yourselves the sporty new Hyundai Elantra? You’re sure […]

Doctor gets cop BUSTED for same offence when stopped for driving without seatbelt [Video]

The new amended Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), which came into effect from 1st September 2019 has created quite a few unsettling scenarios in the recent past. While a few states have not implemented the new stricter laws since they have caused a public uproar, police forces of various states are working to ensure that the […]

PACE 2019 – get a new Volkswagen Beetle Sport with 17-inch wheels with RM5,000 off, from RM1,505/month

The Premium Auto Car Expo (PACE) will take place this year from November 2-3, 2019 at the Setia City Convention Centre, co-sponsored by Michelin and TyrePlus. At the event, Volkswagen will be offering a special deal for the Volkswagen Beetle Sport, and if you’ve had your eyes set on the automotive icon, you’ll want […]